Recycling & Compliance

Waste Management and Recycling

Active Disposal Co. provides documentation for your LEED project or local construction and demolition recycling ordinances. All Active Disposal roll-off dumpster containers are brought back to our sister company, C&D Recycling. Each load is graded and weighed from your projects. We will provide all tracking and documentation for your Green Building projects.

Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling Ordinances for towns we serve
Active Disposal Co. is in strict compliance with all the recycling ordinances from the towns we serve.
City of Chicago
City of Highland Park
Village of Northbrook
Village of Winnetka
Village of Grayslake

U.S. Green Building CouncilGreen Building Projects
All LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) loads are dumped at our Recycling Center where each load is weighed and graded. Active Disposal tracks each load for your LEED project and provides all the necessary reporting. We have proven success in recycling at least 75% of your construction and demolition debris towards your LEED certification points.
LEED, a certification designed by the United States Green Building Council, was created to provide a positive impact on the environment by inspiring buildings and urban developments to comply with green building standards. Leed is redefining the way we think about the places we live, work and learn.

Please see the list of Municipalities we serve.

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